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December 21, 2015



As this year comes to its end, we started reviewing of what we have achieved as a band in the past twelve months. Instantly, the idea of making a video that would remind to us and to all of you, the majority of these achievements and memories, came to our minds.

A souvenir of our gigs in Greece, but mostly of our gigs in various European countries for the first time ever in the history of our band, not through high definition cameras, multi angle views and perfectly edited scenes that would show once again our “perfect side”, but through the videos and photos that all YOU, our great friends and fans, shot during our last tour. Not another video of the band, but a video of its friends and fans with the band, additionally enhanced with some of the photos we took with our personal mobiles and cameras during this tour.

We decided this to be our Christmas present for all of you, to tell you a big “THANK YOU” for the unique memories! Special thanks go to all our friends, who offered us their personal photos and videos, the main body of this video. You deserved to have your names mentioned to the credits of this video, so from this day, you are part of the “Floating history”…

We want to wish Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you people, full of love, health and happiness!!! 2016, is going to be definitely a “floating” year, so get ready to… sail away!

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