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September 3, 2015



We would like to announce to our fans, that both Christine Kolliopoulou, after six years with us, as well as Thomas Halanoulis who entered the band a few months ago, decided to leave our band in order to be able to concentrate fully to the preparations of their personal music projects. We want to thank them both for their efforts and support as members of our band and we wish them great success to their new music endeavors. Our new keyboardist will be an old member of our band, back from the early days of the “Only A Dream Tour”, who firstly rejoined the band early this year in order to replace Christine to our previous European tour, Sophia Assarioti, while on the drums, the man in charge from now on, will be Dimitris Kapoukakis, member of a number of bands such as Mindcrime Empire, Fortress Under Siege, Sunlight, Heart Attack, and Elisadeath. In the next few days, new announcements will take place regarding some really interesting news for our fans, the final details of which we are settling at the time being.

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