Dimitris Kapoukakis

Mitso mc brain photo2

Dimitris was born in Athens, Greece on May 1979. His nickname “Mitso McBrain” was obviously given to him due to his favorite drummer, Nicko Mc Brain. His cousins were great fans of Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson, and so these were the first artists Dimitris started listening to. In the age of 16, they bought him his first drum set and soon after, he started playing to various school bands. His musical influences are mainly: Iron Maiden, Helloween, Black Sabbath, Queensryche and Metallica. In the past he has joined bands like Elisadeath and Heart Attack. Currently he is playing with the greek Queensryche cover band of “Mindcrime Empire” and with two other metal bands from Greece, “Fortress Under Siege” and “Sunlight”.

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