Andreas V

Andreas V photo

Born and raised in Athens, Greece, Andreas V. was involved in sport activities since he was very young. Obsessed with swimming till nowadays,  he started playing guitar at the age of 14. In the beginning, he was very interested into learning to play the piano and he desperately wanted to buy a synthesizer, but synthesizers were very expensive and he couldn’t afford one at that time, so he decided to start playing the bass guitar, as it was far cheaper to buy.

A week before the day he had decided to go and buy his first bass guitar, an unexpected talk with his chemistry teacher made him change his mind. His chemistry teacher, who also was a guitar graduate, volunteered to teach Andreas V the basic principles of guitar playing – and that was it. A week later he bought his first classical guitar, and the rest is almost identical to the history of Floating Worlds. His influences include virtually every tune that sounds interesting to him, from rock, pop, blues, metal or even electro/dance music.

His rock/metal influences are: Iron Maiden, Deep Purple, Rainbow, Dream Theater, Queen, Guns N’ Roses, Joe Satriani, Arjen Lucassen and many, many more. The metal guitar duet of M.Friedman and J.Becker named “Cacophony” blew his mind away, so he decided to name the band “Floating Worlds”, after the title of a song from Cacophony, as a tribute to their ingenious guitar playing.

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