It all began around 1998, when two long time friends who used to spend their summer vacation together, Andreas V. – guitar and Vagelis Lekos – bass, decided to form a band, eventually named “Floating Worlds”, after various changes.

After a lot of failed attempts to record their first songs, they succeeded in completing their first album, titled “Only A Dream, Can Kill A Dream…” in the autumn of 2007. Following the completion of the recordings, the collaboration with the session musicians that appeared in the album had come to an end, so Andreas V. Vagelis Lekos and T. Thomopoulos (drums) were the only permanent members of the band.  The obvious need to promote the new album through live performances, made the search for permanent band members imperative and finally the first gig of the “Only A Dream… Tour ’10 – ‘12”, took place on May 2010. Christina Kolliopoulou took on the keyboards, Tassos Fasoulas (brother of L. Fasoulas who was the vocalist of the album) the male vocals, Athina Kamariti the female vocals and keyboards and Sophia Assarioti the second guitar.

This tour came to an end after 17 gigs on July 2012 with a lot of lineup changes, of which the most important and crucial for the future of the band, was the taking over of the male vocals by Jon Soti, on November of 2011.

The band entered the studio in December 2012, in order to record their second full length studio album, entitled “Below The Sea Of Light” which was released on October 1st 2013.

On February 7th 2014, the first show of the: “Sea Of Light Tour ’14 – ‘15” took place in Athens, Greece. The milestone of this period was definitely the first European tour of the band in March 2015, simultaneously with the return of Sophia Assarioti on the keyboards and female vocals. In November 2015, the “Sea Of Light Tour ’14 – ‘15” ended with four memorable shows in Serbia and immediately afterwards, the band entered a two year period of composing the songs of the third album, the recordings of which were completed in the end of 2017.

In order to celebrate the completion of this long task, the band will perform a small number of shows, for the first time in Russia, in March, for the promotion of their upcoming album, expected to be released later this year.

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